in General

Still Alive

Hai world.

It’s been a while since I posted; life is changing — updates lie within. I’m really liking my full-time gig doing software dev in SF.

My parents are moving to South Carolina and I’ve just signed the lease on a cute little apartment in Redwood City.

I’m currently struggling to sort through (and dispose of most of) my accumulated junk from the last 22 years of life, including much that was acquired before I realized I have a great distaste for physical objects I don’t use regularly (read: I have a monumental amount of crap to throw away).

I’m desperately excited for my first stretch of time in my life where there are no great events or changes on the horizon — I have stable income for as long as I keep doing my job [well enough to keep the company afloat] and I have stable housing for as long as I can afford my lease; this is a welcome change from a life building up to moving away to college, and then cycles of 9 months in dorms and 3 month internships until I completed enough laps to earn the most expensive piece of paper I’ve ever owned.

Software dev on personal time has been a bit lighter weight recently — I’ve been reading lots of great books and writing some tools for personal use, but for the most part, I’ve been enjoying slowing things down and being content to enjoy being in the moment much more… It’s been nice to feel comfortable in the quietude of my mind when I rest rather than the frenetic production I’ve made a habit over the last decade; peace in an empty mind is something that’s eluded me for years, and I’m really starting to enjoy it now that I have it. It’s been a bit of a trick picking apart where contentment with non-production stops and laziness begins, but from what I’ve picked up in the meager years I’ve been on the planet, being in the arms of a partner I love and great books and dancing like a fool at great concerts beating out an incessant buzzing to just do something is less existentially dangerous to my long term life satisfaction than my anxiety sometimes makes me worry it is.

I’m truckin’ along; thanks for trucking with me :) Keep your stick on the ice.