Selected Works

Mockbox is a free, in-browser SMTP server simulator used for testing email notifications or alerts without the trouble of setting up a local mail server (or in places where running one-liner servers isn’t feasible) or the cost of a service like Mailtrap.

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Bishop ConfigurationBishop is a Chrome extension that performs vulnerability scanning and enumeration on websites that you browse. Special design considerations were made for staggering and managing high volumes of generated XHR requests that were running in the background, including dynamic throttling, exponential back off, and delay systems.

Bishop has over 1200 unique users.

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SSHaudit allows GitHub organization administrators to audit the strength of their group members’ SSH keys. SSHaudit allows scanning of key count, type (including elliptic), and strength, with custom reporting rules that make compiling reports a breeze.

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FreeStep is an encrypted, secure chat system built on node.js. FreeStep supports multimedia messaging, large chatrooms (>5000 connections per room with little lag), and secure encryption with the Rabbit cipher, providing plausible deniability for the host.

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  • The Proclaimers, a silly project to play with Google Maps
  • defuse, a chance to unplug and breath
  • the days that remain, a visual examination of the rest of your life
  • WhyAmI, the ontological counterpart to whoami
  • TwilioSMSDelete, command line utility that uses node.js and the Twilio API to delete all messages and media from a Twilio account (surprisingly, they offer no way to do this en masse)
  • DrunkGuard, a python plugin for the yum package manager that will quiz you with arithmetic problems to ensure you’re sober before attempting to manipulate packages
  • Lorb, a spherical styrofoam orb with 24 individually addressable RGB leds, controlled via web interface
  • Get Git, the spiritual predecessor to Bishop, which scans for vulnerable and publicly accessible .git directories in the background as users browse