About Jack Kingsman

I’m Jack Kingsman. I was born in New Zealand, and moved to the United States when I was young. I have a passion for computers, web development, and systems administration, and have been building websites since I was 8. I’m currently a candidate for a BS in Computer Engineering at Santa Clara University, near San Jose, CA.

I’ve worked for the last six years in a variety of roles, from providing IT support for an MSP to lead developer for a small PHP team to interning for one of the largest distributed database providers in the world. I work primarily in a LAMPHP/Python environment, but I’m very comfortable prototyping and developing front end user interfaces with HTML/CSS/JS, as well as working in other languages such as node.js, Python, and Perl. As is necessary with a small development team, I’m also well versed in full stack dev, both for Linux and Windows, especially in virtualized environments. Just because I’ve primarily worked on small teams, though, doesn’t mean I’m not comfortable in an enterprise environment – I’ve implemented and used version control systems, I’m comfortable with a number of development ideologies including Agile, and believe in writing legible, functional, and clean code whether it’s a one time script or an app with thousands of downloads.

My responsibilities as a developer have ranged from fully featured CRM apps, built from the ground up, to modifying existing open source code and frameworks (including extensive experience with Laravel, osTicket, Drupal, and WordPress, to name a few) for custom needs. I love learning and adding skills to my toolbox.

However, I’m not all work and no play. I am a singer and multi instrumentalist, although jazz and blues piano was my first love. I’m also an avid audio engineer, and have a part time job at university as a live sound technician. I earned my Eagle Scout with a Gold Palm at 16, and have continued my love for the outdoors with mountain biking, camping, and hiking in the San Francisco Bay Area where I live.

I can be found on LinkedIn, Google+ (although to be honest, I’m NEVER on there), as well as through more traditional means such as email or phone (use the widget below).

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