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Mead Kiwi!

My latest hobby/focus/obsession has been mead, and man, I’ve been having so much fun sinking my teeth into the art and science — already made 3 gallons and just started a 5.5 gallon batch.

To track what’s at what step, what my recipes are, and to do some helpful conversions, I made Mead.Kiwi, a site to track all of my work. On each bottle is a QR code that will take you to the recipe page for your bottle, contain records of mixing/pitching/aging, data from intermediate density readings, etc. I’m pretty happy with it, and seeing as how I haven’t been doing much coding lately, I thought I’d at least put it here.

This is an example from my first batch of what you see when you scan the QR code on the bottle.

It’s really easy to get started making mead — check out Reddit for some good resources if you’re interested; you can have a batch completely made and bottled for <$100!

An array of Jack's mead bottles lined up in a row.

Bottles from my first batches!

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