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It’s been a while!

After finals at SCU and now on the tail end of a few health issues, I’m happy to say I’m settling into my internship at Facebook! I’m working on the Systems Engineering team which deals with infrastructure deployment and administration from a software side – kernels, OOB work, and the like. It’s been like drinking from a firehose but I love it! I also got to open Mark Zuckerberg’s water bottle for him on account of his broken arm and he showed up in my fanboying status to comment on it – highlight of the internship right there.

Open source work has been halted as I seek approval from Facebook to keep working on projects individually (just filed paperwork on a couple projects with pending pull requests today, so fingers crossed I can get back to dev work soon).

Today I came across an article (shared by the SCU main FB page no less!) in the South China Morning post on biohackers featuring Amal Grafstra, one of the leading minds in bioimplantation and and RFID hacking right now, which included excerpts from an interview I gave back in March. Check it out. I’m also eagerly awaiting the Uki mentioned in the article, a full system on a chip and cryptographic platform that sits in your hand.

So I’m still here, still alive, and hopefully going to begin posting here more now that evenings are once more mine and free of homework and studying.

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